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For those of our guests who are out of visiting range of the TOP Smart Nutrition offices, a Registered Dietitian will speak with you personally via Skype to create a personalized healthy eating plan that considers specific medical concerns and lifestyle needs.

Please note: there are conditions that cannot be consulted remotely. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn if we can help you with online consultation. In addition, we are not providing online/phone initial consultation for children. First appointment with pediatric patient has to be done at the office. Please visit the FAQ page to obtain more information.


There are two types of remote consultation we provide:

Comprehensive consultation and Quick nutritional advice.

Comprehensive Consultation with a customized meal plan serves clients with complex health concerns which need extended evaluation, discussion, and follow-up. This consultation includes the following:

1. Evaluation & Assessment

Your Initial Consultation consists of 1 hour Skype evaluation and a full assessment of your nutritional status based on your symptoms, health goals, diet, lifestyle, labs, medical and family history. This is ideal for those with challenging or chronic health ailments.

2. Lab Testing

In some cases additional tests such as nutritional blood tests can be ordered to help assess your biochemical individualities and current nutritional needs.

3. Meal Plan

A customized meal and supplement plan will be created for you after your phone evaluation and emailed to you in Word or PDF.


4. Education

Additional education if needed will be provided by email or in 30 minx Skype/phone follow up appointment. You will finish this consultation with a clear picture of what you should eat and lifestyle modifications for healing and optimal health.

Quick Nutritional Advice by phone/Skype or email comes in 30 min increments and may be helpful for those who look for professional opinion on diet/nutrition matter related to single health issue with other areas of concern (e.g. diet, medications, other health issues) that are fairly well controlled OR a TOP Smart Nutrition Protocol e.g. milk protein allergy, seven major food allergens elimination diet, gluten free, lactose free, elemental diet, Candida, FODMAP, formula preparation, tube feeding assessment, etc, which was previously discussed.

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