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These interactive, individual or small group sessions introduce guests to myth-busting concepts about diet, healthful foods, and weight management, often curing trendy confusion. The workshops demystify nutrition and weight maintenance, with surprising and entertaining information. Please download a more thorough topic list here: English, Russian.

Whether it is discovering how a grocery store is laid out to instigate purchases...or when and if organic food is appropriate...or what foods support healthy bones...or which popular diets can be debunked, these workshops put the truth in perspective, in a fun and memorable way.


Discover how to use internal cues to discern true appetite and honor hunger. Learn to develop a new relationship with food that builds a positive body image and attitude toward eating well. Take an aisle-by-aisle virtual tour through the market and learn how the layout of a grocery store can affect eating choices. Solve the dilemma of when organic is worth the extra cost and when it's not. Learn to decode food labels and make the healthiest, freshest choices possible. This workshop is a must for healthy eating! Invest a small amount of time to gain an understanding about the essential needs of the body. Learn the real science of basic nutrition, the most updated nutrition evidence to support wellness and longevity and how those principles apply to unique physical, mental and medical concerns. Discover a scientific approach to weight management. Learn the techniques and strategies to promote success in weight management.

Please check our "news" section  for announcements regarding group classes held at the Top Smart Nutrition offices. Join like-minded individuals all taking their first steps on their weight-loss journey and attend bonus workshops designed to give you even more tools and tips for healthy living. Workshop topics include health strategies and mindful eating as well as technicas of non-diet approach.


I have "been there, done that" and am living proof that nutrition therapy can play a major role in helping to treat a lot of disorders. I welcome the opportunity to work with you on your journey towards great health!

Irina G. Strogach

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   18 years old                                                                                                  40 years old




For Health Professionals:

Adding services to a medical practice can strengthen patient relationships, improve patient quality of life, prevent or reverse some diseases, and add to the overall revenue stream of the office. One type of program that can be offered as an included service or optional fee-based program is a weight loss program coordinated and offered by a doctor's office. Our dietitians have an exceptional experience of carrying through with the weight loss program in doctors' offices so that patients gain a long-term benefit from participating in the group. If interested, please contact us for details.

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