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28 Jan

Eat healthy and loose weight workshop

Confused with food choices? How to feed your kids so they will grow healthy? How to make your body to rid of extra pounds without diet?

Healthy Eating Behavior Modification and Weight Management Program

● 10-classes weight loss program for adults who want to lose fat, not just any weight, and establish good eating habits for the entire family.

● Our groups are “closed”, which means you’ll work with the same group members for 10 weeks and will have consistent support for losing weight and/or changing food habits in your family.

● Healthy eating meaning and implementing eating style modifications

● How to use body - food physiology that affects the hunger regulation

● Food related behavior analysis

● All of our groups are led by a Registered Dietitian who is also a weight loss expert since 1996.

● We’re research-based. All our recommendations are based on strong scientific evidence.


The unicity of our program is that weight loss continues also when you finish the group sessions.

We don’t teach how to lose weight only - we teach how to keep it off

We don’t teach portion control - we teach mindful eating

We don’t require from you self control - we teach how to identify and resolve triggers of emotional eating

We don’t teach you just eating less- we teach you physiology of nutrients in the body and how to control and regulate hunger-satiety mechanisms

We don’t sell you any prepackaged food or supplements - we provide fresh, real food meal strategies


In our program you will also learn:

● What is the proper physical activity for weight management and how to start exercising

● How to deal with overcoming barriers to long-term lifestyle changes

● What is the right balance of different nutrients

● How to make smart choices when dining out

● Motivations for change and continued support


No One Wants Temporary Weight Loss


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